How We Started

In 2017, we decided we wanted to pursue entrepreneurship as our career.


Without any idea of what that meant, we decided that meeting and talking with other entrepreneurs would be the best way to start. 


We attended as many business and networking events as we could.


After months of doing that, we eventually came across some people that were willing to help us learn more about building a business.


Mentorship Changed Everything!

Constant meetings with mentors, coaches, and entrepreneurs have taught us, that it doesn't matter where you start, as long as you are willing to learn.


Being surrounded by the right people gave us the knowledge and confidence to start our own business.  


Our Passion ...

Our passion for helping entrepreneurs has brought us many opportunities.


In early 2018, we attended Startup Weekend and a year later, we were excited to be a part of the organizational team for Startup Weekend 2019.


Since then, we have helped organize other events such as; Startup Weekend Power-up, Startup Founder Hot Seat in our local community.


We have now done our very own; 


Entrepreneur Retreat; a full day of workshops and speaker sessions for entrepreneurs.


The Entrepreneur's Journey Panel Event; an evening with 5 entrepreneurs sharing their personal journey through entrepreneurship.

We are committed to keeping helping entrepreneurs either by connecting them to like-minded people or helping them get mentorship in some way. 


"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Sophie and Agustin have tailored a kick ass comprehensive guide to entrepreneurismThey will provide you with the tools and content to kickstart that idea you’ve had rattling around in the back of your brain (perhaps for a few months or even years!). I believe the more knowledge you gather the more likely you are to feel confident in taking that first step or advancing your second step.

—  Renee Makea, Former Community Manager at Okanagan coLab


Our Mentors, Coaches,

and other Awesome Entrepreneurs

Amanda Zaal

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Founder of Aim and Glow, ECM Planner

Simon Hason

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Owner of SHD Games

Jason Bernhardt

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Entrepreneur & software developer

Morgan Gillis

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Entrepreneur,  Creator of the

"21 Day Morning Routine Challenge"

Scott Stanger

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Founder & Owner of Optiiimize

Jason Lotoski

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Founder & CEO of Tonit

Austin Walper

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CEO of

Josh Fraser

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CEO of Estated

Justin Goodhew

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Founder & CEO of Trellis Social Enterprise Inc.

Markku Luopa

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Founder of CDN

Todd Embley

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Director at Founder Institute - Vancouver, Former Program Director, Chinaccelerator

Shane Austin

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Co-founder of Okanagan coLab

Sean Shepherd

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Owner of Nucleus Strategies

Jamie Wood

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Founder of Sanga Living, Founder of Autonomic,

 Scientific Researcher - Canadian Division at Vitalneuro

Renee Wasylyk

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CEO of Troika Developments Inc.

Agustin Cisneros Iniguez

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Sophie Sullivan

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