Book Notes #009 - Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

Rating: 4/5 ⭐️

Topic: Non-Fiction - Business (marketing, sales, and persuasion)

Main ideas/information - Good.

Examples & stories - Okay.

Engagement - Medium.

Favourite Quote

“If you truly believe that what you have is useful and valuable to your clients, then you have a moral obligation to try to serve them in every way possible” - Jay Abraham


If you are looking to learn more about how can people pay for your advice, this is it. This book is full of advice, exercise and lessons on how to build an information business.

This book is full of useful information when it comes to learning more about sales, marketing, online businesses and how to get paid by teaching people what you know. Don't expect the best examples and stories from this book, more than a good read is a good read to learn a new skill. Overall, the main book does a great job of teaching new concepts and skills. Good read.

If you are a marketer, want to learn how to market your products or need to get better at marketing. This is a great book to read. Great concepts, exercises, tools and resources on marketing and sales.



"You see, people become leaders when they first try to master something themselves. Then after they've discovered a path for themselves, they share their knowledge with others."

The first step towards creating a mass movement of people that will pay you for your advice is to become a leader.

Many people are scared of this first step, but the best way to overcome it is by truly understanding one main idea.

"There are people today who NEED what you HAVE. And they are just waiting for you to find your voice, so you can help them change their lives."

Find a group of people that you want to be a part of in helping. Find out what their problems are and solve them.

Ask yourself;

  • Who do I want to serve? (The answer typically is people that were just like you before you master a certain skill).

  • Would people in this submarket be excited about the new opportunity I'm presenting in my niche?

  • Are people in this market irrationally passionate?

  • Are they WILLING and ABLE to spend money on this?

The three main markets: Health, Wealth & Relationships. Most of the time people want better health, more money or quality relationships.

Markets, Submarkets, Niches: Wealth ---> Real State ---> Flipping houses on eBay.

Other Examples;

  • Wealth ---> Online business (marketing agency, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, online courses, etc.) --->A Marketing agency that only focuses on paid Facebook ads for dentist.

  • Health ---> Nutrition ---> high-fat diets for weight loss for students.

Remember that people pay for the time you have spent mastering a skill. That's what makes you an expert. Most people won't put in the same time to learn about something new.


“Our goal is not to fix what's not working. Our goal is to REPLACE what's not working with something better."

Most people have tried to get results in many different ways and many different things.

They tried many things but they have not tried what you have created. The new opportunity is the new product or service you are introducing to the market and/or submarket. Is a brand new way of solving a problem.

The key here is to create a category of one. A blue ocean is one that is far away from competition and creates a monopoly. Red oceans are infested with sharks, everyone is fighting for customers. (Read The Blue Ocean Strategy by Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim)

The new opportunity or vehicle of change needs to be 10X's better than any product in the current market or submarket. Go build that.


"Opportunity switching takes them out of the pain they're currently in and gives them hope for a new future through a new vehicle."

Because people have tried many ways to obtain their goal, you need to catch their attention by presenting a new opportunity that gets them closer to their desires and away from pain.

Once you have a new vehicle, you need to change them from what they are currently using to using your product.

Ex. "Maybe they are trying to make money through real estate but they haven't tried to make money online."

The important part here is that they get results with your products or services!


"After someone has made the switch to your new opportunity, then all future sales to that prospect are typically an opportunity stack, not an improvement offer.

Prospects will go from looking for something new to look for more. Especially when you focus on getting results for them. People pay for results, not promises. Once they tried one product and works, they will want to look for other products that help them archive other results in different areas.

Be useful until you become necessary for change.


“The first step to creating belief is figuring out the ONE THING you have to get someone to believe that will knock down all their other objections, make them irrelevant, or disappear altogether.”

If you can make people believe that (your new opportunity) is/are the key to (what they desire most) and is/are only attainable through (your specific vehicle), then all other objections and concerns become irrelevant and they have to give me money.


"The epiphany bride is simply a story that takes people through the emotional experience that got YOU excited about the new opportunity you're presenting to them."

This is all about creating an emotional connection to the products or services you are selling.

"People buy with emotion and justify with logic."

Tell a story of the big "aha" moment. Something must have happened when you decided to invest so much time in learning about something. Remember the times something clicked and decided to take action. What was the big idea that change the way you looked at things? What were the false assumptions and beliefs you had to get rid of to obtain the result?

What lessons, advice, information or life experiences did you have to go through to obtain the valuable information you have today? Tell that story.

  • 7) THE 3 SECRETS

"There are three core beliefs that come to the surface and keep someone from buying, even if they believe the new opportunity is right for them"

The Vehicle: What are the false beliefs they have about the new opportunity you're presenting.

Ex. "funnels sound cool, but I don't understand how they would work for me."

Internal Beliefs: What are their internal beliefs about their own abilities to execute the new opportunity.

Ex. "I'm sold on funnels, but I'm not technically inclined, so I don't think I could build one"

External Beliefs: False beliefs they have about outside forces that could keep them from success; things beyond the individual's control, such as time or the economy.

Ex. "I think I could build a funnel, but even if I did, I don't know how to drive traffic into it"

Transform false beliefs into secrets...

Secret #1: Funnel Hacking: How to Ethically Steal Over $1,000,000 worth of Funnel Hacks from your competitors for under $100.

Secret #2: Funnel Cloning: How to Clone a PROVEN funnel (inside of Clickfunnels) in less than 10 min.

Secret #3: My #1 Traffic Hack: How to get the Exact SAME customers Who are currently going to your competitors to start coming to your funnel instead.


"Before I ever start selling anything, my first step is to create an irresistible offer. This is the product I am selling at the end of my presentation."

Brainstorm all the possible problems your ideal customer would encounter on their journey to archive their goal. From before and after they purchase your product. Pick the problems you can solve to create a mess. The more problems you solve, the more value you create. A sale is just a transaction of "money" for "value". The goal of creating an irresistible offer is to offer 10 times more valuable than what you are asking for.


  1. Become a leader by helping people solve a problem you figured out how to solve.

  2. Create a new vehicle of change. A new product or service that helps them replace what is currently on the market.

  3. Change potential consumers from their current vehicle to the new vehicle by telling stories and breaking and building new beliefs.

  4. Once they tried one product and works, they will want to look for other products that help them archive other results in different areas.

  5. What is the one thing they need to believe to be able to take action?

  6. What lessons, advice, information or life experiences did you have to go through to obtain the valuable information you have today? Tell that story.

  7. Turn their main objections into their main lessons to learn and teach them how to do that.

  8. Brainstorm all possible problems a customer might encounter and pick the ones that you can help solve.



This book has a lot of exercises and more information inside the book. I highly recommend purchasing it and going through all exercises and additional information. Focus on taking the most important skills and incorporating them into your business. A good book to have alongside when creating marketing campaigns, creating offers, and learning different persuasion skills.