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Book Notes #048 -Everything is F*cked by Mark Manson.

In today's issue of this book club newsletter, I am happy to share my notes on Everything is #@%!ed by Mark Manson.

Everything is f*cked by Mark Manson book cover

“When people prattle on about needing to find their “life’s purpose,” what they really mean is that it’s no longer clear to them what matters, what is a worthy use of their limited time here on earth–in short, what to hope for. - Mark Manson



Rating: 4.5/5 ⭐️ (Very Good) Topic: Non-Fiction - Self-help, Personal Development & Psychology

  • Main Ideas - Very Good.

  • Examples & Stories - Very Good.

  • Engagement - High.



Mark Manson's first book in this series, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck," has been one of the most impactful books I have ever read in my life. Part of it is because I learned so many great concepts about psychology and personal development. This second book in the series is no exception... It contains many amazing quotes that will stay with me throughout my experiences with anxiety, depression and personal struggles. Mark Manson's signature style is to create eye-catching covers with thought-provoking titles. But as usual... Most people skip past the subtitles of his books. In his first book, "a counterintuitive approach to Living a good life." He argues that life is not about not caring. In fact, it is about choosing what to care about... In "Everything is #@%!ed: A book about hope" He argues that the reason we feel life is completely messed up is that we are in a constant struggle to try to maintain our happiness. He argues that suffering and pain are the only true constant... "That things are always fine... but they could also be better." That pain is always there, and it's our perception of this pain that changes... If you could rate your life at any given moment from 1-10, most people would rate it at 7. On occasions it jumps up to a 10... then it drops to a seven again. In other instances, life can feel like 3... but then it returns to a 7. Chasing the 10 and feeling completely miserable for life being a 3 is the root of our hopelessness. Life is a seven, and that's okay... the fact that we are even aware and able to give life a rating should say enough about how lucky we are to experience life in the first place. Mark Manson is one of the few writers I look up to as I believe he makes an incredible effort to make his books worthwhile to read. He cares about his work, and it shows. Mark Manson has his own style that feels as if you were having a conversation with one of your guy friends that tends to swear a lot (arguably unnecessary) but keeps the conversation practical and real about very complicated and necessary psychological and existential ideas. I believe his style is a net positive, as it makes these ideas more accessible to the general public. With time, I have slowly dug deeper into psychology and gone straight to the source of the information such as Sigmund Freud, Plato & Nietzsche. But for now, I appreciate that his books are accessible and enjoyable to get introduced to a complicated world of psychological development, philosophy, and ancient wisdom, This book contains many great takeaways inside it, my favourites being. 1) The Uncomfortable Truth. 2) The Discovery of the Blue Dot Effect. 3) Pain is The Universal Constant. As well as very interesting stories about...

Overall, this is a great book to read as it contains many ideas to learn from, great examples and stories and a humorous tone to keep the engagement of the reader. (I am aware that this book might not be for everyone due to the vulgarity... but in my opinion, it is worth reading for the importance of the ideas that the author is trying to convey, and the quality and effort of his writing to share that information.) It is very hard to find books that meet a good standard of writing. Before I go, here is a compilation of many quotes throughout the book that are worth pondering... "When we deny ourselves the ability to feel pain for purpose, we deny ourselves the ability to feel any purpose in our life at all... Pain is the only constant, and our ability to choose our pain is what brings meaning to an otherwise meaningless universe... If we are going to be forced to suffer, we might as well learn to suffer well... Demand something better of yourself before demanding something better from the world." Hope this helps. Until next week! - Agustin



  • “Because the only thing that can ever truly destroy a dream is to have it come true."

  • "Not only is there no escaping the experience of pain, but pain is the experience."

  • “I have tried to live my life such that on the hour of my death, I would feel joy rather than fear” - Witold Pilecki.


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