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Book Club Newsletter #044 - The Great CEO Within by Matt Mochary.

In today's issue of this book club newsletter, I am happy to share my notes on The Great CEO Within by Matt Mochary.

The great ceo within book cover

“You are not making a product–you are solving a customer problem.” - Matt Mochary.



Rating: 5/5 ⭐️ (Must-Read) Topic: Non-fiction - Startups, Management & Entrepreneurship.

  • Main Ideas - Excellent.

  • Examples & Stories - Very Good.

  • Engagement - High.



I know, another “startup book.”

I have to confess something… I have been reading other types of books as well, but there are days when I just need to finish a book fast. Surprisingly, I've found the top must-read books this way...


To more recently,

And now, this book. The Great CEO Within. If you have ever tried to build a business and failed... This book is for you. I've failed multiple times... and not just in business. That lead me to find world-class advice and try again. Now, every week I am discovering the main concepts and advice that lead to consistent results and success. (That's the whole point of this newsletter.) And occasionally, there are books I wish I read earlier. Those books I add to a category of their own called "Must-Read." "The Great CEO Within" is one of them. As the subtitle suggests, this book is a "tactical guide to company building." So what makes it so great? I have noticed patterns with "'must-read" books. 1) They contain a compilation of world-class advice in one book. Instead of reading five "okay" books, you can just read one "must-read" book and save hundreds of hours looking for a few main ideas that are scattered all over the place, and worst, you risk getting bored before getting to them. 2) They make you come back for more. The amount of advice and wisdom in the book forces you to keep coming back and updating yourself from where you left off in the journey. This is an ongoing process of picking one main idea of the book, implementing it and coming back to picking another main idea and taking action on that. Must-read books have multiple main ideas in them, and all have the potential to be life-changing. My favourite takeaways from the book are the following;

  • The energy audit or the genius zone: The things that you are uniquely good at in the world and you love to do (so much so that time and space seem to disappear when you do them).

  • Impeccable agreements: There must be consequences for breaking agreements.

  • No single point of failure: A well-run company has no single point of failure. Have a backup person to follow through if the main person can't.

When you are ready to follow the best advice available in the field of business and entrepreneurship, I highly recommend this book. This book contains a library of key concepts to get you started and get you where you need to be in startups, business & entrepreneurship. Definitely, a must-read and highly recommend. And remember... “There are many reasons to create a company, but only one good one: to deeply understand real customers and their problem, and then solve that problem.” Hope this helps. Until next week! - Agustin



  • “Owning much of something is better than owning 100 percent of nothing.”

  • “The more stable your health, the more stable your business will be.”

  • “When you find yourself saying something twice, write it down.”




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