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Go from reading 2-3 books per year to reading 2-3 books per month.
(That's over 20+ books a year!)


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"The means of learning are abundant–it’s the desire to
learn that is scarce."

 - Naval Ravikant


"The average person reads 1-3 books per year and some don't read at all."

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Why should you start reading more?

Books can have an incredible impact on your life.

I know this has been true for me.

Ever since I discovered how to read 1-3 books per month, my life has truly changed.

I always felt that there were so many things school never taught us.

Out of necessity to achieve personal results, I doubled down on books and committed to learning from the best minds in the world.

(My personal favourites are Ryan Holiday, Peter Thiel, David Goggins and Jordan Peterson.)


Reading more books has truly changed my life by allowing me to access world-class advice.

It wasn't until my mid-twenties that I understood how books can be a great resource to achieve your personal goals.

Books can change your perspective in life by challenging your assumptions.

These assumptions, points of view,  or frameworks are called "mental models," and I have found that the accuracy of your mental models determines your outcomes...

I have failed multiple times to achieve my personal goals, that led me on a journey to become a lifelong learner.

There have been many times when I had to sit down and reflect that my mental models might be broken, leading me to experience what most people call "failure."

Once I accepted that there was still much to learn to achieve my goals, I started leveraging books for personal growth.

Reading books for personal growth has allowed me to acquire new and better mental models. They have upgraded my thinking, allowing me to get closer to my desired goals and milestones in life.

Don't get me wrong, you still have to do the work, but now you will know what the work actually is. You will have a clear direction rather than the uncertainty of not knowing. 

The Reading Master ToolKit is designed to give you all the digital resources you need to start incorporating reading into your daily routine and start your journey to becoming a lifelong learner. 

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What's included in the ToolKit?

1. Life Assessment Journal (PDF)

The big secret to increasing engagement in all the books you pick is increasing its relevance. 

  • Before picking up any book, you must ensure it is aligned with the vision of the future you want to build. 

  • This printable life self-assessment journal is the first step in your journey of becoming a life-long learner by writing down your goals in 4 main categories of life.

  • It includes the four seasons of the year, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall for quarterly assessments throughout the year to ensure your direction in life.

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Reading Mastery

2. E-book (PDF)

The 7 Main Lessons that will transform how you consume books for personal growth.

  • This E-book is full of useful advice and inspiring quotes that will influence you to want to read more for personal growth.

  • It includes actionable steps at the end of each chapter to ensure you have a clear action to take.

  • Plus, it includes a 30-day challenge/habit tracker to support you on your journey of becoming a lifelong learner.